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                                                             Business process management (BPM) is aapproach[1] focused on aligning all aspects of an organization with the wants and needs of clients. It promotes business  and while striving for  flexibility, and integration with technology. BPM attempts to improve processes continuously. It can therefore be described as a process." It is argued that BPM enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach. An empirical study by Kohlbacher (2009) indicates that BPM helps organizations to gain higher delivery speed and speed.[2

A  comprises a "series or network of value-added activities, performed by their relevant roles or collaborators, to purposefully achieve the common business goal."These processes are critical to any organization: they may generate revenue and often represent a significant proportion of costs. As a managerial approach, BPM considers processes to be strategic assets of an organization that must be understood, managed, and improved to deliver value added products and services to clients. This foundation is very similar to otheror  methodologies or approaches. BPM goes a step further by stating that this approach can be supported, or enabled, through technology to ensure the viability of the managerial approach in times of s and change. In fact, BPM is an approach to integrate a "change capability" to an organization - both human and technological. As such, many BPM articles and pundits often discuss BPM from one of two viewpoints: people and/or technology.|| friend networking sitesfriend networking sites - provides free voice recording device, voice recording programs, stream audio recorder, mp3 player, voice recording pc, laptop and windows.

Roughly speaking, the idea of (business) process is as traditional as concepts ofThe current management and improvement approach, with formal definitions and technical modeling, has been around since the early 1990s (). Note that in thecommunity, the term 'business process' is often used as synonymous of management of  processes; or integrating tasks. This viewpoint may be overly restrictive - a limitation to keep in mind when reading that refer to "business processes" or to "business process modeling".

Although the initial focus of BPM was on the automation of business processes with the use of information technology, it has since been extended[to integrate human-driven processes in which human interaction takes place in series or parallel with the use of technology. For example, when individual steps in the business process require human intuition or judgment to be performed, these steps are assigned to appropriate members within the organization.

More advanced forms such as are in the complex interaction between human workers in performing a workgroup task. In this case, many people and systems interact in structured, ad-hoc, and sometimes completely dynamic ways to complete one to many transactions.

BPM can be used to understand organizations through expanded views that would not otherwise be available to organize and present. These views include the relationships of processes to each other which, when included in a process model, provide for advanced reporting and analysis that would not otherwise be available. BPM is regarded by someas the backbone of t.

Because BPM allows organizations to abstract business process from technology infrastructure, it goes far beyond automating business processes (software) or solving business problems (suite). BPM enables business to respond to changing consumer, market, and regulatory demands faster than competitors creating competitive advantage.




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"While it's your job as a leader to set the direction for your team, unit, or organization, being overly commanding deprives your people of a sense of ownership.


Next time you sit down with your team, instead of saying, 'This is my view about where the project should head,' try proposing a hypothesis. You can say, 'Here's my tentative view of the path we should take, but I could be wrong.' Then encourage your team to disagree with you.

Of course, you must be willing to discard or modify your hypothesis if someone comes up with a better solution. This approach will encourage debate and give people permission to voice concerns.

The goal of business management is to create wealth for business owners by providing some value that consumers need. The process of business management involves

* Researching the market for profitable business opportunities,

* Developing strategies for marketing management, operations management, financial management and human resources management, and

* Implementing the strategies through planning, organizing, motivating and control.

Long-term survival requires that businesses be managed in a responsible and ethical manner by addressing environmental issues and employee career goals. There is also the issue of complying with the law of the land.

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